Data Storage Rules

One of my colleagues sent me a link to a great page on Standford’s website defining their data storage rules. With so many processes moving from paper to online it’s important to make sure users know how and when they can collect certain information. I’ve experienced quite a few staff members in departments collecting social security numbers online using non-secure webpages and data being stored in non-encrypted databases.

So pages like this are needed now more than ever, especially as we see more and more data breaches.


Flickr: Still The Best Online Photo Option

Flickr turns 10 today, and without a doubt they are still the best option out there for storing/sharing your photos. I have over 91,000 photos in my Flickr account, and I’ve been using it since 2008. I’ve tried some other options such as Shutterfly, but nothing works as good as Flickr. Flickr stores your full quality photos, they have a great API so you can easily re-download your photos, or use the API to display them on websites.