Awesome free service for web professionals doing freelance work (which as we’ve seen before is a crazy high number). Legally legit and looks great. Even includes digital signatures:

I’m fortunate to have the option to work remote occasionally at my job. I do feel more productive, and I guess I was surprised to see my feelings back up with numbers: View story at

Great research out from Google about what experts vs. non-experts value in staying secure online. What I appreciate most is having anti-virus software is not on the expert list. I’ve seen for years that anti-virus software just doesn’t work. Hackers will always be one step ahead of the anti-virus makers.  

Check out this article by David Walsh: It’s totally a thing in the web development world.

If you watch movies and you’re a programmer, you probably have to comment on how bad the interfaces are. Here is a website that makes it easy to hack like a hollywood hacker:

StackOverflow is out with their 2015 Developer Survey. Great data in there, great to see the growth and trends around the world for web developers and developers of all kinds.

This is a big one. This is the big reason (imho) that the user base of the world wants an app for everything. But the web folks are slowly bringing the features of native apps to the web world. Push notifications will be a big step in making web apps a more acceptable and pleasing

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It seems like the amount of code you can add to a simple HTML page just keeps growing. But the benefits are great, especially in this age of social sharing being the main way users find and share content. Using the markup listed in this article can help you make your page more visible.–cms-23223

Spending time on improving page load time and app interaction time is super important. How important? Check these stats here:

Managing feature requests is an issue every developer deals with (unless you’ve got a fancy business analyst between you and the client). Rachel Anderson from Perch describes some awesome tips for choosing how to prioritize and code up features. The most important tip is her first one, figure out what the clients actual issue

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