NEEDTOBREATHE has been my favorite band for years, I found them in college and have loved them since. So, I feel like a teenage girl, but I’ve got big feelings about Bo leaving.

But I’m also an adult, and understand we all grow as people and move on to other things. NTB has been around for 22 years. That’s a long time. I hope the best for Bo, and I really hope NTB keeps putting out quality music. I’m concerned because Bo wrote a lot of the big songs for NTB.


Top Albums

My top albums, in no particular order

Audioslave – Audioslave

This album was a great description of my youth, discovered in my high school years, it showcases high energy. Listen to this album on loud.

Pop Evil – Lipstick on the Mirror

This album exemplifies mid-2000s rock, while a relatively little known album (and band). It’s a solid listen straight-through, and even has some nice hidden tracks at the end (I always appreciate those artistic touches). 100 in a 55, One More Goodbye, and Hey Mister are my favorite tracks.

Kesha – Rainbow

This album is gold from start to finish. A powerful comeback story full of sadness, anger, empowerment, and some good ole fun-lovin Ke$ha.