Brilliant web development environment. More than a text editor, not as clunky as IDE – it is the perfect tool for any web developer. Built-in FTP, SVN and MySQL integration – I’ve used lots of other applications, but this has been my tool of choice for years


Solid IDE with some great features that Coda lacks. Honestly, I go between the the two editors often.

Sequel Pro

Sequel Pro

When it comes to working with MySQL, nobody wants to keep working with phpMyAdmin. I’ve tried lots (Querious, MySQL WorkBench, Navicat, DataGrip, TOAD…) and nothing is better than SequelPro – and nothing is cheaper


Sometimes getting paid is tough – and if you want to have a good system that generates good looking invoices that make it easy for the client to pay – you could easily spend $10-50 a month for a SaaS option (like Freshbooks, etc..). PancakeApp is a 1-time purchase that you can install on your server. It has an API and integrates with PayPal, PayPal Pro, Google Checkout and other payment gateways. The service is also top-notch, as I’ve been in Skype calls with the founders and you can easily see that customers are their top-priority.


Best way to collaborate  Without a doubt. Google+ hangout is free and delivers a great quality of group video-chat, screen-sharing  document editing – just about anything you need to collaborate with your team from a distance. I use it all the time with the projects I work on.


A clipboard manager is essential. Working with the standard clipboard that only saves your last copy is for amateurs. And ClipMenu is so simple and clean, but still offers of a load of features such as snippets and paste formatting.

I also use spam prevention via MXGuardDog!

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