My personal mission statement:

  1. Be a positive influence, supporter, and force in the world and for those around me.
  2. Adventure and experience the world
  3. Challenge myself in all ways in pursuit of new skills and knowledge.

What does that mean?

  1. I am a positive and energetic person. I can use my optimism to be a support for those in need of love. I can influence those around me to be more open, loving, and accepting to promote positive change in the world. I can support local and global movements to fight for justice and equality.
  2. Connecting to and experiencing nature fills my soul and gives me joy. There is so much wonder and beauty around us and I have an innate desire to explore and connect with it.
  3. From building trades to learning a new programming language, I’ve learned so much by challenging myself and doing what seemed to daunting to even start. I will continue to challenge myself physically, mentally and emotionally. Challenge my limits and the status quo.