This is a good write-up about how to understand colorblindness in the workplace and as a web developer.

I really enjoy the point is making. The more tools, plugins, libraries and other shit we introduce into building a website, the harder we make it on ourselves.

I attended the Syntax Conference 2017 in Charleston, SC earlier this month. The event was fantastic, well designed and planned. The sessions were very informative and topical. The city of Charleston is a great town, full of history. Take a glance at the conference here And think about attending next year

StackOverflow is out with their 2016 Developer Survey. Great data in there, great to see the growth and trends around the world for web developers and developers of all kinds.  

I’ve always worked hard to optimize all my web apps (client caching, gzip compression, image compression, domain shading, css sprites, etc…). It’s great to see that it really does make a difference. shows the real stats and puts into hard numbers that perfomance does matter.

This articles talks about how web apps can get the same trust and experience as native apps. Lots of great points:

Being able to POST data is a core piece of web development. Sometimes testing and logging the POST data though is not easy. David Walsh just posted about how easy it is to use CURL right from the terminal: And if you haven’t used POSTMAN, it’s an awesome tool for testing POST. Even gives

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Sometimes as a programmer, you just want to work on the code you want to do that day. You don’t want to code up another form, and fix some old code. Sometimes you want to move your entire website to HTTPS, or start using service workers. Thanks for Chris Coyier for posting this article, made

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