EIU Website Manager

Website Manager

The CMS we use campus-wide is great (Omniupdate) – but there are just a few things that are specialized to EIU, or things that were a little tough to do in OU – so we developed our own little addition to add in the features our departments wanted/needed. So our Website Manager features a menu manager, profile manager, image slideshows, and central logins to other services (such as logging into OU and logging into our survey tool) so that way users only have to remember their netid and password and not other logins.

The system also automatically generates the template files for Omniupdate – so when we add a new site, the templates are customized for that site and then dispatched.

It was a big project for me at the time, and the system is still working great and integrating with all the services we need it to.


  • Determine features and project scope
  • Code and design the application
  • Maintain and support the application

Technologies Used