Wicked Weekend

Read about my amazing weekend with Jen in Indianapolis!


Mac OSX Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are some winners for switchign between windows and tabs. Some of these are super obvious, but there are some little gems here

  • Toggling between open programs is Command + Tab
  • Toggling up a minimized program is Command + Tab with Option on release
  • Toggling between tabs is Command + Shift + [ or ]
  • Opening a new tab is Command + t
  • Closing a tab or window is Command + w
  • Toggling windows of the same application is Command + `



Web Fonts – Don’t Leave Home Without Them

There is no easier way to instantly class-up your website then web fonts. I feel like any site that isn’t using a web font service is behind the times. The standard web fonts just look so old and blah.

Adobe bought typekit a few years ago, and now they have over 500 fonts available for free! So you’ve got no excuse not to use new web fonts



Real Favicon Generator

This is great to see that someone finally took the time to update favicon generators. Favicons have really evolved in the past couple years with different devices utilizing them. I think it’s getting a bit ridiculous that to fully utilize favicons for all the devices these days you have to have about 10 images (thus adding 10 lines of code to your pages). But, so is the way of progress.