PWAs are the shit, especially when it comes to cost savings and ease/speed of development. Depending on your app, it might not make sense ROI wise to even build a native app.

This is a good write-up about how to understand colorblindness in the workplace and as a web developer.

Building a mobile and web app with one codebase – dream come true. Read more about it here: A Glimpse Into The Future With React Native For Web  

As a web developer, I get into the shell almost daily, but mostly using the same handful of commands. Whenever I need something outside of my daily routine, I have to google it. Here is a nice guide:–cms-26161

I always get frustrated when prices aren’t listed on a website, but apparently that’s how the big dogs do it:  

Seth hit the nail on the head today, especially for the web industry. More than being able to write a resume or fit-in, what good companies ask for is “show me your side projects” or “What are you really passionate about?” The college experience is about so much more than going to classes – if

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