Becoming a “Real Programmer” is more than just writing code

Many students come out of college as great programmers – but that doesn’t mean they have all the skills they need. When I look for student workers for our office, I ask our School of Business for Management Information Systems students. Unlike Computer Science or Technology majors, MIS majors are required to take the business core courses as well as their programming/networking courses. This creates a more-rounded programmer with skills like:

  • Gather and analyze requirements when they aren’t directly given to you.
  • Design and analyze architecture with near endless possibilities.
  • Create test plans and act on them to evaluate and improve the quality of a system.
  • Work collaboratively on a team of people with different backgrounds and experience levels.
  • Estimate and plan work even if you don’t know exactly what to build.
  • Communicate effectively with stakeholders who have different needs that don’t necessarily align.
  • Negotiate schedule, budget, quality, and features without disappointing stakeholders.

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By natatkinson

Nate a web developer at Eastern Illinois University and occasionally adjunct-faculty at EIU teaching some courses in the School of Business. He lives in Champaign, IL with his wife and dogs Indiana ("we named the dog Indiana...") and Bear.

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