Progress is being made in making web apps just as good as mobile apps. It’s great to see the web community work together to add new features to the browser that can make the web better than ever.

Fantastic article that makes it apparent how to design your UI when creating web apps:

I’m not great at being mindful, it is definitely something that would help me though, as I’m one of those people that try and fit a million things in each day.

This article discusses some of the main backward compatible breaking items in PHP 7 and the new features to be excited for. #1 is speed!

Awesome free service for web professionals doing freelance work (which as we’ve seen before is a crazy high number). Legally legit and looks great. Even includes digital signatures:

A great post from Humans of New York reminded me why I published the last edition of the EIU Bluebook. “I’m a rare book librarian. I get to touch books every single day. My colleague and I have a joke that we are… Posted by Humans of New York on Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I’m fortunate to have the option to work remote occasionally at my job. I do feel more productive, and I guess I was surprised to see my feelings back up with numbers: View at

Great research out from Google about what experts vs. non-experts value in staying secure online. What I appreciate most is having anti-virus software is not on the expert list. I’ve seen for years that anti-virus software just doesn’t work. Hackers will always be one step ahead of the anti-virus makers.  

Check out this article by David Walsh: It’s totally a thing in the web development world.