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Good blog post from Seth Godin today titled “A productivity gap“.

You’d think that with all the iPad productivity apps, smartphone productivity apps, productivity blogs and techniques and discussions… that we’d be more productive as a result.

Are you more productive? How much more?

I wonder how much productivity comes from new techniques, and how much comes from merely getting sick of non-productivity and deciding to do something that matters, right now.

He makes  a great point and I agree, lots of people get these new apps, but are they are they really getting more shit done?

But I also see the other side of the coin – all these new apps are out there as tools that work for different people and different projects. I think it’s great there are so many great productivity apps, it gives me the opportunity to use the app that is going to make my productivity the highest and fit my current project or work style. I personally love Podio because it fits my work style and is great for collaborating.

So are you just using apps because it’s new and you can? Or are you using apps because they fit your work style and actually make you more productive?

By natatkinson

Nate a web developer at Eastern Illinois University and occasionally adjunct-faculty at EIU teaching some courses in the School of Business. He lives in Champaign, IL with his wife and dogs Indiana ("we named the dog Indiana...") and Bear.

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