Top Albums

My top albums, in no particular order

Audioslave – Audioslave

This album was a great description of my youth, discovered in my high school years, it showcases high energy. Listen to this album on loud.

Pop Evil – Lipstick on the Mirror

This album exemplifies mid-2000s rock, while a relatively little known album (and band). It’s a solid listen straight-through, and even has some nice hidden tracks at the end (I always appreciate those artistic touches). 100 in a 55, One More Goodbye, and Hey Mister are my favorite tracks.

Kesha – Rainbow

This album is gold from start to finish. A powerful comeback story full of sadness, anger, empowerment, and some good ole fun-lovin Ke$ha.

Mumford & Sons – Sigh No More

It changed music for the 2010 decade. I find myself listening most in the spring, when the world is re-awakening and energy is returning to the world. And the fact that so much was inspired by ‘O Brother, Where Art Though?

Metallica – S&M

A greatest hits album, but on steroids. And No Leaf Clover. Stunning.


The best band you’ve never heard of, this is NEEDTOBREATHE’s album where they really showcased their depth.

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