I competed in my first Triathlon! It was only a “mini” tri: 200 yard swim 6 mile bike 2 mile run See my results here: http://results.itsracetime.com/MyResults.aspx?uid=17095-280-1-214729 Consider I did not train, I feel pretty good about it. It was really a lot of fun too. Champaign has being doing this little triathlon for 35 years, and

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I really enjoy the point http://bettermotherfuckingwebsite.com is making. The more tools, plugins, libraries and other shit we introduce into building a website, the harder we make it on ourselves.

I attended the Syntax Conference 2017 in Charleston, SC earlier this month. The event was fantastic, well designed and planned. The sessions were very informative and topical. The city of Charleston is a great town, full of history. Take a glance at the conference here And think about attending next year

Building a mobile and web app with one codebase – dream come true. Read more about it here: A Glimpse Into The Future With React Native For Web  

Smashing published a wonderful overview of sending emails. Sending emails sounds simple, but there is a lot to consider (types of emails, spam, email clients your users use, CAN-SPAM Act compliance, etc…). An Introduction To Building And Sending HTML Email For Web Developers