The internets has been waiting for years, but it’s finally here. You can create a web app that feels like a native app on ios or Android. Here is a great overview: A Beginner’s Guide To Progressive Web Apps

I find that pretty often when working with data or fine-tuning a query, or updating some code that I need to compare 2 files. I sometimes use “File Merge” on Mac OS (it’s bundled with Xcode). Or more recently I’ve been using Give it a try and see the difference in 10 out of

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StackOverflow is out with their 2016 Developer Survey. Great data in there, great to see the growth and trends around the world for web developers and developers of all kinds.  

Star ratings are all over the interwebs, but I tried coding some up a few months ago and it wasn’t that easy (at least not to make it cross- browser friendly). Today I stumbled across this nugget and wish I would have found it months ago: